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Brought to you by: The Teresina São Marcos hospital along with the Berlin Trauma hospital

The creation of regionalised trauma-care systems in countries of greater social and economic development, above all in Europe, has contributed to a reduction in patient mortality of up to 50%.

The time and quality of doctor-patient treatment, as well as the perfect machinery within institutions involved in trauma-related care, have resulted in crucial factors allowing the increased chances of survival and efficient rehabilitation among patients.

In accordance to this, 2008 marked the German Traumatology Society’s creation of a Trauma-care network (known in German as the TraumaNetzwerk DGU). Moving towards an integrated system comprising certified clinics specialising in the treatment of patients with severe polytrauma – it is the first of its kind in the world.

This fruitful experience will be the foundation of a pioneering international partnership between the São Marcos hospital (locally acronymed HSM) – a leader in Brazil’s Northeastern region in terms of medical assistance, and the Berlin Trauma hospital (locally acronymed UKB) – a beacon in the quality of medical treatment for polytraumatised patients.

To the best of their abilities, both institutions will promote the 1st International Trauma Congress in Teresina, which will take place between the 31th of May and the 2nd of June, 2018.

It is of very fitting importance that the 1st International Trauma Congress should take place in Teresina – a city of unparalleled polytrauma patients – resulting directly from the lack of a hospital network system capable of treating all victims coming from the hundreds of towns throughout inland Piauí, as well as the neighbouring state of Maranhão.

This promises to be a unique opportunity to exchange one’s experience in the field of trauma, from pre-hospitalisation care right through to rehabilitation. The importance of this knowledge for medical teams and, further still, for the recipients of specialised medical services, is ever increasing. For the optimum preparation of these teams is the guarantee to a higher rate of successful treatments, and a reduction in the injuries among victims.


Speakers and committe members


International speakers




Key topic: Trauma-care networks – sponsor: The Berlin Trauma Hospital

Speakers and committe members

International speakers

Among the international invitees, the presence of Dr. Axel Ekkernkamp, Dr. Gerrit Matthes - orthopaedic surgeons specialising in traumatology - has already been confirmed. These Doctors, both also Professors, were integral to the establishment and implementation of the trauma-care networks in Germany, as well as the managing of the hospitals within these networks.


Committee Officials
Executive Dr. Edilson Carvalho de Sousa Junior / Dr. Jefferson Clerke Lopes Campelo / Janaina Gama Mota Lopes / Aline Gomes Pessoa / Neylany Raquel Ferreira da Silva
Event President Joaquim Barbosa and Almeida Neto
International Coordinators Dr. Axel Ekkernkamp / Mr. Uwe Weibrecht
Neurosurgery Dr. Benjamim Pessoa Vale / Dr. Nazareno Pearce Brito / Dr. Antonio Carlos / Dr. Cléciton Tavares
Thoracic-Abdominal Trauma Dr. Júlio Neves / Dr. Anderson Dantas
Trauma rehabilitation Dr. José Renato / Dr. Francisco Alencar
Orthopaedic Trauma Dr. Vinicius Nascimento / Dr. Samuel Martins
Intensive Therapy Dr. Igor Marques/ Dr. Marcelo Martins / Dr. Yousef Aguiar
Scientific Dr. Jonatas Melo / Dr. Pádua Filho/ Dra. Maria Adélia Medeiros e Melo


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